Cold Springs Farm is a family operated business located on our family farm in Schoharie County, New York.


We are wholeheartedly committed to supporting local agriculture and the unique lifestyle that can only be sustained through the preservation of the family farm.


We are ethically bound to provide a superior product, at a just price.  Towards that end, we price our feeds as cost effectively as possible, adjusting for the rising and falling of our inputs; primarily the cost of grain and fuel.


As much as possible, we purchase our grain from local, NY State grain growers.


We believe that the radical, scientific "advances" in the field of agriculture contain risks to our food supply that are yet to be discovered.


We are frimly committed to maintaining the small, organic farmer as the principle source of our wholesome food supply, and as the foundation of a rural lifestyle and economy that has proven, throughout history, to be the most beneficial and healthy basis of a sound society and culture.